surah luqman benefits

surah luqman benefits: Mastering Life’s Challenges with Surah Luqman

Surah Luqman, a part of the Quran, has great importance in the teachings of Islam. Its verses contains valuable advice, spiritual benefits, and seeking the infinite knowledge of Allah. In this article, we examine different aspects of Surah Luqman, find out its practicalities, key teachings and famous verses.

The Benefits of Reciting the Surah Luqman

Being the Companion of Luqman on the Day of Judgment:

Surah Luqman offers a unique promise – the one who recites it becomes the companion and friend of Luqman, earning a reward tenfold that of those who promote good and discourage evil.

Protection by Thirty Angels:

Reciting Surah Luqman nightly attracts the protection of thirty angels, shielding the individual from the machinations of Satan. Morning recitation ensures protection throughout the day.

A Cure for Internal Diseases:

surah luqman benefits

The Prophet’s words highlight the healing power of Surah Luqman. When written, washed with water, and consumed by someone with internal ailments, it becomes a source of recovery.

Ousting Tyrants:

Legend has it that writing and placing Surah Luqman in the abode of a tyrant results in their removal from power within the year.

The Gist of Surah Luqman

Luqman imparts invaluable advice to his son in this chapter. Emphasizing monotheism, gratitude to parents, and resisting wrongful commands, he advocates prayer, promoting good, forbidding evil, patience, humility, and moderation in demeanor. The surah also delves into the origin of creation, resurrection, and exclusive knowledge possessed by Allah.

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Famous Verses of Surah Luqman

Verse 22: The Firmest Handle

This verse stresses the importance of holding fast to the firmest handle, identified by the Prophet as the guardianship and wilayah of the Master of Vicegerents, namely Ali ibn Abi Talib. Love for the Prophet’s household is also considered the firmest handle.

Verse 27: Infinite Words of God

Illustrating Allah’s knowledge as boundless, this verse likens His words to endless ink and pens, emphasizing the vastness of His wisdom and power.

Verse 34: Allah’s Knowledge:

The closing verse asserts Allah’s exclusive knowledge of the Hour, rain, contents of wombs, future earnings, and the place of death. It underscores the depth of Allah’s awareness.


Surah Luqman emerges as a reservoir of timeless wisdom. Its teachings advocate monotheism, gratitude, and ethical conduct, guiding believers on a path of spiritual growth. The diverse benefits associated with its recitation and the depth of its verses make Surah Luqman a treasure trove for those seeking divine guidance in their lives.

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