last 10 surah of quran

The Last 10 Surah of Quran: Finding the Guidance, Protection, and Divine Beauty

The Holy Quran, the divine handwriting of Islam, contains treasures of guidance and wisdom. The journey of last 10 surah of quran reveals a rich historical narrative linked to valuable teachings. Similarly this article delves into the meaning and characteristics of each sura, focusing on their unique message.

Last 10 Surah of Quran

Surah Fil – Shield against Pride

The revelation of Surah Fil in Makkah stands as a poignant reminder to believers about the pitfalls of pride. His writings are believed to be a shield against oppressive leadership. According to Imam Zafar As-Sadiq (R.A.), adding it to every Fard Rakat will produce a special testimony from the mountain on the Day of Judgment.

Surah Quraish – Devotion to the Quraish

This Surah honors the Quraysh by acknowledging them as guardians of the House of Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) compared his recitation to the spiritual benefits of I’tekaf and Tawaf tenfold.

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Surah Maun – Support the teachings of the Prophet

Addressing those who pretend to be religious and ignore the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Surah Maun ensures that the reader is safe throughout the day.

Surah Kausar – How many in the Hereafter

In response to the rivals rejoicing over the loss of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) son, Surah Kawsar assures them that there are many rivers in the sky called Al-Kawthar. The recitation of this surah guarantees the attainment of this divine well in the Hereafter.

Surah Kafiroon – Explanation of Islamic Faith

last 10 surah of quran

Making a clear distinction between Islam and the orthodox faith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) equated Surah Kafiroon with reciting a quarter of the Qur’an, and providing protection throughout the night if recited beforehand they have slept a.

Surah Nasr – Victory belongs to Allah

However surah Nasr confirms Allah’s command that victory is reserved for the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he converts to Islam. The conventional text places the reader with those on the side of the Prophet at the time of the conquest of Makkah .

Surah Lahab – Facing Opposition

Focusing on Abu Lahab’s fierce opposition to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sural Hab is believed to have healing properties for back pain

Surah Ikhlas – Acknowledging the Oneness of Allah

So emphasizing the Oneness of Allah, Surah Ikhlas tells a revolutionary story with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), showing how adherence to its principles can transform one’s destiny from scarcity to abundance.

Surah Panel – Refuge from Sin

Praying for protection from all sins, reciting the Surah Panel during Ramadan is compared to the rewards of performing Umrah and Hajj, where the fast is considered similar to that in Makkah

Surah Naas – The Fugitives of Satan

Moreover the Refuge Prayer, Sura Nas protects the faithful from the propaganda of Satan. Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (R.A.) advises to read at night to protect oneself from sins.


The last ten Surahs of the Holy Quran reveal profound insights and spiritual benefits. Integrating their learning into daily practice, not only imparts wisdom but creates a deeper relationship with Allah, bringing believers closer to the teachings of Islam.

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1. Why is the last 10 suras important?

   These Surahs contain important information about faith and conduct, providing guidance for believers.

2. How can I apply the lesson to my daily life?

   Practice acts of kindness, gratitude, and patience that are true to your faith.

3. Is there a specific order in which these Surahs are recited?

  Although out of order, reading them in order can improve comprehension.

4. What is the historical context of Surah Al-Fil?

   It describes the miraculous event of Allah protecting the Kaaba from a horde of elephants.

5. How do suras together contribute to spiritual growth?

  They promote the principles of monotheism, trust in Allah and refuge in Him.

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